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In broadcast infrastructures, whether being in facilities or outside broadcasting applications, a variety of analog and digital signals are interconnected.

And often there is a need for flexibility in terms of audio interfaces and formats, as well as interconnection and signal flows.

The ability to unite analog, AES3, MADI and SDI digital interfaces, as well as Dante and AES67, in a compact, modular and highly flexible system makes the Penta 720 and Penta 721s the perfect choices in a modern audio environment.

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Today's mega churches often comprise large-scale live production, as well as recording and/or live broadcast transmission.

Our Penta Universe is highly modular and can be tailored to fit virtually any need in pro audio - including complex and comprehensive House of Worship setups.

Obviously, more compact Penta-based systems can be created for HOW solutions that may not need the broadcast leg, but a great solution for live music and maybe multitrack recording.

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How can you build an AoIP backbone, using NTP Penta products, for complex EDU systems and workflows? 

There are various ways that you can take advantage of the extremely flexible and highly modular Penta Universe of audio routing, format conversion and control solutions with a special view to Technical Trade Schools, Music Academies, Higher Education, Colleges and Universities.

Whatever the size and demands of your project may be, you will be able to tailor a Penta solution that is a perfect match.

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Live productions demand utmost reliability and durability, as well as potentially extremely high channel counts.

The Penta Universe is highly modular and as many units as you need can be linked. For instance, a single Penta 720 with 8 Dante cards can handle 1088 Dante channels, and each 128-channel card even has its own dedicated SRC, which allows you to route to for example high-resolution multitrack recording simultaneously with feeding the monitor and FOH consoles.

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The Penta Universe can be scaled and tailored to meet the demands of any project and facility in post production for film or other media platforms.

Penta offers worldclass AD/DA conversion, as well as digital format and samplerate conversion between e.g. MADI, Dante, AES and SDI (Embedding / De-Embedding). 

Further, the system can also handle complex audio routing, including monitor control from mono and stereo to surround and immersive Dolby Atmos.

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The 'new analog' is low latency AoIP. The convenience of having just an ethernet connection carry all of your audio channels makes this the obvious way to interconnect audio.

We have a strong focus on the networked audio technology and the zones between open formats like Dante and AES67. Dante provides access to a large 'eco system' of many hundreds I/O devices and Penta 720 / Penta 721 fits perfectly into that space. With AES67 capability the eco system is also compatible with other AoIP systems like Ravenna.

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NTP IP Audio

The NTP IP Audio Technology is based on the robust tried-and-tested Dante™ digital audio network technology, and will interoperate with products of other brands that comply with Dante. The protocol will provide AVB support once standardization is fully completed. The Dante and NTP IP Audio formats provide fast, flexible, and economical audio routing via IP and are compatible with NTP PENTA 720 Modular I/O and other Dante devices.

The IP Audio routing provides Low latency, tightly synchronised, transport of uncompressed audio over Gigabit IP Ethernet Layer 3 networks using off the shelf switches, and routers for audio routing via one or more sub-nets. A total of 512 channels can be routed on a 1 Gigabit network, and more if the network capacity is higher.

The IP Audio routing is for larger systems controlled by the NTP RCCore Router Control System, for easy and simple setting of connections on the Gigabit IP Ethernet. PENTA 721 can also be controlled by the Dante IP Audio routing controller software.The network structure is shown below: 


For even more details, please download our white paper on the topic or this presentation.



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