Penta 720 Modular Audio Interface


A new generation of audio router and audio distribution interfaces, providing a versatile and flexible solution for signal distribution of analog and digital audio via AES/EBU, MADI, SDI SD/HD/3G embedded audio, as well as routing via IP Gigabit Ethernet and optical fibre networks.

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Penta 720 I/O Expansion Cards


You can add a wide variety of optional I/O cards to the modular Penta 720 mainframe. Once you start mixing and matching up to 8 card slots, you will find that the system is extremely flexible and therefore may be tailored to fit any audio-routing and/or conversion task imaginable.

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Penta 721 Digital Audio Interface


A new generation audio router and audio distribution interface, which provides a versatile and flexible solution for signal distribution of digital audio via AES/EBU, MADI, as well as routing via IP Gigabit Ethernet and optical fibre networks.

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Penta 725 Digital Audio Router


A new generation of compact audio routers, enabling powerful audio router systems to be built on a modular basis. PENTA 725 has a capacity of 384 x 384 cross points with AES3 and optical MADI interfaces. PENTA 725 is housed in a 1U 19 inch chassis. 

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635 System Server Controllers 


635-800A: A high performance, compact 1U 19'' rack mount ruggedized PC system for system controller applications, controlling any size of NTP router system. 635-300A: A high performance high quality industrial PC designed for long life - ideal as as a client or master control server.

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625 Router


From small single frame solutions to large-scale enterprise wide synchronous real-time audio networks. Centralised or distributed architecture. Modular solutions, including multi-format I/O capabilities, DSP resources for every channel and scalable redundancy. 

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625 Router Modules


250-670 SRC, 250-671 GPIO, 625-130 / 625-133 / 625-134 Analog I/O, 625-151 Controller, 625-170 AES/EBU I/O, 625-190 Mic input, 625-531 4 bus TDM receiver/transmitter, 625-534 QUAD MADI rx/tx, 625-540, 625-545 & 625-548 interfaces for 625-531 and 625-671 DSP card.

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615 Remote Control Panels


The NTP 615 remote control panels comprise of two different 19” panels; a 2RU source/destination panel and a 1RU monitor panel. The control panels interface via TCP/IP to the NTP RCCore control system for control of the NTP 625 and Penta 725 cross point connections.

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650 GPIO


The GPIO acts as TCP/IP server and wait for connection to the NTP control system to be established. Status change messages is send from the GPIO to the NTP control system in case of status changes. 230 V AC +/- 15%, with redundancy and dual input. 

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VMC2 Control Software


New VMC2 V.1.80 now incorporates functionality for configuration of matrix sub-view windows and scheduled event windows for an easy overview and management of scheduled events in radio playout applications.

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VMC Control Software


The NTP 660 VMC software (Visual Matrix Control) is a management control software developed for easy control, easy operation and full overview of the complete NTP audio router. The VMC 660 control and log all aspects of the NTP router.

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DADman Control Software (PC & Mac)


DADman is a control software application for DAD AX32, DX32 and AX24. DADman v.5.x runs on Windows PC with W7/W8 and Mac with OS X version 10.9, 10.10. and 10.11. It also supports the NTP Penta 720 and Penta 721 units. 

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