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From small single frame solutions to large-scale enterprise wide synchronous real-time audio networks. Centralised or distributed architecture. Modular solutions, including multi-format I/O capabilities, DSP resources for every channel and scalable redundancy. Flexible non-blocking TDM-based architecture enabling large solutions. Frames are interconnected via fibres or Cat 6 cables.

TCP / IP network oriented controls, with database driven online configuration and powerful configurable user interfaces, including user-rights handling and extensive system supervision. Flexible interface to 3rd party routers.

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- Multi format routing of audio signals
- TDM bus architecture · Redundant architecture
- DSP on every channel · Up to 8k x 8k cross-points (mono)
- Easy programmable data base with macro facilities
- Control via Ethernet (TCP / IP) and serial interfaces
- Visual Matrix Control software for easy system operation and surveillance
- Interfaces 3’rd party routers and control panels
- Front loaded hot-swap modules and power-supplies
- Customized solutions for routing and control


- Analogue I/O – balanced and unbalanced
- MADI (fibre)
- AES / EBU with or without sample rate converter
- TDM back-bone for interconnection to other frames
- 3rd party routers via protocols


- Each frame features redundant controller, redundant power supply and fan
- Dual back-bone for redundant interconnection
- Redundancy down to cross-point level


- Visual Matrix Control software (TCP / IP) with powerful user rights handling
- QNX based frames and server for optimum performance and security
- Database driven configuration with mirror of database on stand by controller
- Fast switch to stand by controller in case of failure
- Signal surveilance
- Alarm surveilance and handling


- AES 11, 44 kHz or 48.1kHz
- Clock sources: MADI or internal TDM back-bone


- Visual Matrix Control via TCP / IP
- BLISS software Console via TCP / IP
- Comprehensive number of DSP functions and applications
- Alarm surveillance and handling
- Macro facilities
- Interface to 3’rd party operator push-button panels
- Interface to 3’rd party routers via protocols

Remote Access via VPN

- Help and assistance
- Management of core software, applications, etc.
- Database management
- Software updates
- Remote On-The-Fly (“on-air”) software upgrades

Customer-Specific Solutions

- Supplementary to the standard NTP VMC management software, custom designed applications can be tailormade.

Frame Specifications

- 19” 5RU
- 1, 2, 3 or 4 TDM busses
- 27 slots per frame for controllers and I/O
- 1 or 2 Controllers
- Dual hot-swap load-sharing power supplies

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Download 625 Router Brochure (PDF)


Download 625 MADI Router Flyer (PDF)


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