600 - 100 VMC

The NTP 660 VMC software (Visual Matrix Control) is a management control software developed for easy control, easy operation and full overview of the complete NTP audio router. The VMC 660 is hosted on a customer supplied PC, which via TCP/IP interface the 625 router control system, the 635 client server and application specific control panels. The VMC 660 control and log all aspects of the NTP router.

The 660 VMC features database driven on-line system configuration with full overview of all processes, configurable user interfaces, user rights handling and system supervision, as well as customer specific macro design and macro execution for time controlled cross point settings and easy router control.

The NTP VMC offers a comprehensive range of facilities for signal control, signal surveilance and signal handling, including DSP. Signal surveillance can be used for monitoring and as an input for the VMC software to control redundancy switching and alarm indication.

Supplementary to the basic NTP VMC Matrix Control software, various custom designed management solutions are available to meet special broadcast requirements. For control purposes, NTP can offer a wide range of touchscreen-based standard panels programmable for different tasks. Hardware panels are available with LCD display buttons which can be configured by the VMC control software. The NTP VMC 660 is designed for mouse or touch screen operation.

660_14-Wire Conference Application

- Touch screen application
- Used forTransmission control
- Monitoring
- Conferences between different studios

660-201DSP Stereo to Mono Process Application

- Automatically adjusts output signal level when stereo source is connected to a mono output
- Includes Level parameter process
- Adjustable Mono level
- Adjustable Level change fade time

660-202 DSP Modulation Detection Process Application

- Generates alarm when signal status changes from ”good” to ”bad” and vice versa
- Adjustable Low + High treshold values
- Adjustable Low + High time values

660-203 DSP Delay Process Application

- Used to delay a signal
- Max. 16 seconds delay on 1 signal
- Simultaneous delay on more than one signal splits the time
- Adjustment step: 1ms DSP Programme Peak Meter process
- Used to monitor signal level
- Update PPM displays
- Stream speed can be controlled by defining time delay between sample

660-204 DSP Sum Process Application

- Used to form summing bus lines or summing output lines
- Up to 128 input signals can be summed
- Integrated level adjustment on I/Os and summing cross points
- Individual adjustment on I/Os and summing cross points

660-205 DSP Mono to Stereo Process Application

- Automatically adjusts output signal level when mono source is connected to a stereo output
- Includes Level parameter process
- Adjustable Mono level
- Adjustable Level change fade time

660-206 DSP Equalizer/Filter Process Application

- Programmable transfer functions to form low and high pass filters, low and high shelf, peak equaliser bands/filters
- Each band/filter has adjustable parameters for level, frequency and Q-value

660-207 DSP Level Process Application

- Enables level adjustment
- When level value changed the signal level is auto faded from current to new level
- Step size: 0.1dB
- Fade time: ms

660-208 DSP Programme Phasemeter process application

- Used to monitor signal phase
- Update phase meter displays
- Stream speed can be controlled by defining time delay between sample

660-210 DSP Phase Inverter process application

- Used to invert signal phase

660-211 DSP Dynamic Process Application

- Signal compressor and/or signal expander

660-212 DSP Crossfade Out Process Application

- Automatic crossfade on cross point switching
- Adjustable Output- + Crossfade Level value
- Adjustable Output- + Crossfade Level change time

660-214 DSP Fade in / Fade out Process Application

- Fade down and up during switching

660-215 DSP Compare Process Application

- Compare between two channel for signals


Axon Application

Control Axon Synapse system via the Axon Control Protocol from NTP 660 Specific routing control software including dialogues to read and change parameters in the Axon equipment.


Conference Application

Touch screen application8 ”client” touch screens and 56 Conference members allowing upto 8 different setups amongst any or all of the conference members.


GPIO Control Panel Application

- Control functions in the NTP625 matrix
-Rows and columns can be specified by the client
- Application buttons are treated like GPI objects in the NTP625 system that trigger functions e.g. macros.


PPM Application

- Monitoring multiple audio levels via IP-network
- Configurable number of channels (max 12 stereo per window)
- Up to 2 completely independent applications can be executed simultaneously on one screen
- PPM delay response is handled by the application


TX-Line Control Software Application

- Controls status and operation of Destinations from NTP625 main matrix
- Controls up to 16 destinations
- For touchscreen or mouse operated PC


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