635-800A System Server Controller


A high performance, compact 1U 19'' rackmount ruggedized PC system for system controller applications, controlling any size of NTP router system. The 635-800A controller is operated by the Router Control System RTOS QNX based software RCCore. 

The NTP System Controller has a full compliment of PC features, including dual Ethernet for interconnection of two 635 System Controllers forming a redundant controller set-up.

The 635 System Controller chassis has a modular construction, allowing the PC mother board to be easily replaced.The Controller can be used stand alone or in a redundant configuration with two or more controllers active.

Key Features

- Compact 1U 19'' rack mount PC system
- Front panel LCD display for status readout
- Designed for redundant controller set-up
- Easy reconfiguration of PC mother board
- Program executed from internal flash disc
- Two Ethernet ports


Download 635 System Controller Flyer (PDF)


Download RCCore V3 Flyer (PDF)


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