We're at Booth 5586 at InfoComm 2019

26-04-2019 at 14:18


Join Us at Booth 5586 at InfoComm 2019

Penta 720 is perfectly suited for taking on a center position in any House of Worship or Pro AV Install setup, as well as in complex broadcast facilities.

Today, more and more buildings have a networked audio infrastructure, and with Penta 720's support for Dante Domain Manager and highly flexible conversion abilities, it is a natural point of gathering all audio signals regardless of which formats are in use. You can feed Penta 720 with analog, AES, MADI, 3G SDI or Dante, and distribute to and from any format.

At our Infocomm booth, you can experience how a single Penta 720 unit can embed/de-embed Dante audio in up to 16 HD/3G-SDI video signals.

Going All-In on Dante

penta-720-dante-option-card-1088-product-overview-2Further, with the new Dante expansion card, it is even possible to connect several physically separated audio networks that run on individual sample rates and digital clocking.

In total, you could administrate up to a staggering 1088 Dante channels within a single Penta 720 unit equipped with 8 Dante cards.

In case, you need even more channels - for example for a complex of several buildings that are networked - it is simply a matter of adding more Penta 720 mainframe units with more Dante cards.

Another example of how the Dante card can solve problems is if you host a large event at a stadium, a church, a hotel or a conference center that has an internal IP Audio infrastructure, and the event is to be broadcasted. Most likely a network OB Truck will be involved, but they may prefer to use their own digital clock and may be using a different sample rate. With Penta 720 and one or more Dante cards installed, this situation is easily handled.


Wednesday,  June 12: 9 am - 5 pm
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Booth 5586
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