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The ultimate choice for High Reliable and High Performance Audio Routing and Audio Processing.

NTP audio routing solutions provide the high quality and high reliability essential in production studios and broadcast networks.

NTP solutions are flexible with a variety of analog and digital audio interfaces, enabling a compact implementation of large as well as more moderate routing systems. Router I/O can be centralised in a single chassis or distributed between a number of router nodes using optical fibre or Cat 6 interconnections.

Redundancy is inherent in NTP solutions and can be configured to single cross-point level. The 625 base unit (as well as the Penta 725 unit) come with redundant controller, redundant power supply and redundant air-flow system. Systems can be configured with dual backbone for the most critical applications.

The NTP router solutions features a comprehensive range of facilities for signal control, signal monitoring and signal handling, inclusive a varity of DSP functions and protocol interface to third-party routers.

The 625-800 audio router has a TDM bus architecture and can be configured for up to 8k x 8k cross points, with full simultaneous switching. The 625-800 can operate as a main controller or as a subrouter with a fast switching capacity of 300 switching events per second. Each 625-800 contains 2 pcs 625-151 controlers (dualized) with QNX real-time operating system for optimum performance and safe operation. In case the active 625-151 controller should fail, the second controller will immidiately take over. In each 625-800 unit all modules are front-loading hot-swap. The 625-800 occupies a 19 inch 5U chassis.

Various audio interface I/O's can be installed in the NTP 625-800 router: 
    •   AES3 
    •   MADI 
    •   Balanced analog I/O
    •   Microphone analog Input

The NTP 660 VMC (Visual Matrix Control) is a management control application developed for easy control, easy operation and full overview of the complete NTP audio router. All control is TCP / IP network oriented with database-driven online configuration, powerful configurable user interfaces and user rights handling. The NTP 660 VMC has a large number of features and functions that match the demands of roadcasters.

The NTP 660-500 BLISS software console is a virtual mixing desk with large and easy-to-operate controls. BLISS is operated from a mouse or touch screen based PC.

The NTP 635-100 server is designed for applications where many simultaneous users need access. The 635-100 can be used in systems requiring more and additional control features than are offered in the 625-800 main unit control software.

The NTP 650-100 GPIO unit features opto-coupled interface.

The Penta 725-200 audio router is a sub-router for the 625 system in a 1U 19 inchchassis enabling more compact systems solutions. The Penta 725-200 has a capacity of 256x256 cross points in a single back-bone structure or 128x128 crosspoints in a dual backbone structure. AES3 and optical MADI interfaces are available for interfacing the audio signals. The 625 and Penta 725 systems are centrally controlled via TCP/IP by the 635 controller which serves as the common controller and routing database for multiple client applications.


The ultimate choice for High Reliability and High Performance Audio Routing and Audio Processing.

The superiour Visual Matrix Control (VMC) software is easy to use, and include lots of features. Touch screen or mouse control. Hosted on a customer supplied PC with TCP / IP interface to the 625 / 635 router control.

Reliability, innovation and years of expirience.

NTP Technology A/S • Nybrovej 99 • DK-2820 Gentofte • Denmark
 • Phone: +45 45 96 88 80 • Email: info@ntp.dk

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