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Hot-line support
NTP offers hot-line support.
For users with RCCore V3 system software NTP offers hot-line support via VPN connection, including help, trouble shooting, download of updates, download of new features, database management and much much more. RC Core V3 is designed for on-line support.
The following NTP products are supported:
NTP 625 version 1 (16 bit) and version 2 (32 bit)
NTP 632 series
NTP 635 series
NTP 650 series
NTP 660-100 series VMX control software
NTP 660-500 series BLISS software
NTP 660-650 RCCore V3
The following DAD - Digital Audio Denmark products are supported:
AX24 series
SPX2 series 


The ultimate choice for High Reliability and High Performance Audio Routing and Audio Processing.

NTP products are designed and manufctured for a long life. Your advantage, but due to innovation and new technology some products are replaced.

In case you have technical questions or need support for products not listed on this page, please mail ntp@ntp.dk.

Reliability, innovation and years of expirience.

NTP Technology A/S • Nybrovej 99 • DK-2820 Gentofte • Denmark
 • Phone: +45 45 96 88 80 • Email: info@ntp.dk

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