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End User Reviews AX32

alberti-lorenzo-ax32-reviewLorenzo Alberti is a passionate musician and studio owner based in Milan, Italy. And apparently, once he gets a significant new piece of equipment in the studio, he makes sure to test it very well - and to share his findings with the world. Therefore, he uploaded a dedicated AX32 review in two parts on his website.

The first step was to listen closely - and compare to another converter. the second part delves into how he setup a Dante IP Audio network, using AX32 as the audio-routing centerpiece.

Then it was tested once again, this time with physical measurements on different parameters. And at the end of testing day 2, the conclusion was: 

"(...) The DAD AX32 is the best converter I’ve ever heard. It’s very valuable into mix and fundamental into mastering because very wide bandwidth with clean mid frequency and extended low and high frequency are necessary conditions to work fine."

AX32 Review (part 1)

AX32 Review (part 2)

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